I write this not to create fear, but to warn you of the dangers of the mind.

This story is not one to be taken lightly.

My name is Jarod. I lived with my daughter, Angie, who was 6. She always loved to draw things, every day she’d run up to me and show me another one of her happy and colourful drawings.   However, one day she came up to me with a picture of her and a woman. This woman was apparently called ‘Maud’ and it was Angie’s imaginary friend, although naturally she believed Maud was real. But the picture portrayed this woman was in incredible detail; she appeared to be a frail lady with a long dress. The features were disturbing to say the least as the eyes were glaring and her mouth was curled into a sneer. I looked at my daughter over the picture and tried to feign a smile but she could tell something had upset me. “What’s wrong Daddy?” She asked in a peculiar tone of voice “Don’t you like Maud? But she likes you so much! She’s right next to you!” I turned to see that nothing was there, my heart was pounding in my chest to think that this woman was right next to me. I laughed to myself and smiled at my daughter and told her that I liked her new friend.

Later that night I heard a loud crash and my daughter crying. I bolted up the stairs to see what was wrong, the door to Angie’s bedroom was broken off and lying on the floor. I ran inside to find Angie on the floor crying and holding her arm, she looked up at me and cried “She hurt me! She scratched my arm!” She lifted up her hand to reveal a deep cut in her arm; it wasn’t very long but it had reached down to the bone.

“Who? Who did this to you?” I questioned.

“It was Maud!” Angie said with tears pouring down her face. The second she said that name I felt as if I was going insane. She can’t have done this, she’s not real. I shook my head at the thought and focused on trying to carry Angie down the stairs and into the car. I had to take her to the hospital; I barely had enough medical supplies as it is. As I drove to the hospital, I was on the verge of a panic attack. What the hell could have happened to my daughter? What did that to her? Thoughts like these and many more were racing through my mind at an incredible speed. I finally got to the hospital and ran inside with Angie.

The rain was battering down on the windows when we got inside, I immediately ran to the counter and told them what had happened. Angie received the proper treatment as I waited in the entrance hall for her return. I paced up and down worrying about her; I thought that Maud wasn’t real, I thought that my daughter was just seeing things. Then I stopped and thought, why me? Why do all the bad things happen to me?

It was nearly 11pm and we had just gotten home from the hospital. Angie was still upset and wouldn’t go to sleep because she said that Maud would come back again. So she spent the night in my room, her crying slowly ceased and she had begun to sleep. That night I was plagued with nightmares of a tall, thin woman with claws for hands running towards me and screaming my name.  I awoke the next morning to find that my daughter was gone and there was a note on the bed. I looked around and cleared my vision before reading the note. The note said:

Dear Daddy

Maud came back yesterday. She said she was sorry and she said she’d take me to the park. She said she knows a place that’ll make all the pain go away.

Love Angie

The colour drained from my face and everything went cold. Instantly, I grabbed my keys got dressed and ran outside to the car. As I got outside I took one look at the car and I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive it. The wheels were slashed, the lights had been broken and the bonnet had something scrawled on it. I walked over slowly and what it said made my heart sink, it had been hastily scrawled and it read:

I knew you’d try to come looking for Angie when you read that message but we are having a party and NO ONE is invited.

From Maud

I cannot describe the emotion I felt at that moment, the sheer anger and fear for my daughter, the feeling of being completely useless, and the feeling of absolute emptiness. I could only think of one thing to do. Run.

I sprinted down the road towards the park, I knew if I didn’t get there in time this thing would take her away from me. I could see the park slowly coming into my sight, so I pressed on, not stopping for a second. I got to the park and looked around manically, no one was around at this hour and all I could hear was this faint laughing sound coming from a bush near a group of trees. I ran towards them and pushed through the plants to find Angie lying on the ground with marks on her neck. I fell to the ground in front of her; I kept thinking I could save her. Tears were falling down my face as I tried speaking to her, calling her name. My loss struck me like a knife to the chest, my heart crumbling, and my soul withering. A voice behind me giggled “She’s not coming back… hehehe” I turned around, my empty sadness was instantly replaced by murderous rage at the loss of my daughter. “WHERE ARE YOU?” I shouted, my voice startling the birds causing them to fly away. “Show yourself!” I shouted again.

“I’m right here Jarod.” The voice whispered behind me. I froze, and slowly turned around to face her. That’s when I saw her. Her haunting frame was so thin the skin just hung off of the bone, her eyes were like pits of darkness surrounded by a sneering face. “Now you see me…” She said coldly “Now you see me because you have lost someone dear to you… hehehe”. I couldn’t move. Her cold eyes stared past me and right into my soul. I tried to move, but to no avail. She seemed to float towards me, she stopped just as she reached my face and smiled. “hehe…. You see me Jarod….. I will come for you when you least expect it….. I shall wait for you to want to leave this world the most…. And I shall take you from it…… Just as I did with sweet Angie…..” Maud breathed. She then suddenly vanished and I heard as clear as day my daughter voice saying “I miss you Daddy, come with me…..”

And that’s the tale of Maud. She haunts me every day. She is in my room while I sleep. She is following me wherever I walk. She will wait for me to give up on the world. Then she’ll take me. That time is fast approaching. When you lose someone dear to you, she’ll be there to comfort you. Taking care of you, and when she gains your trust…

She’ll take you too.

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